About the Dingle Dangle Baby Gift Set


Dingle Dangle Sensory Toy

Are you searching for a unique baby gift set for a baby shower gift? Gift for your husband or wife? How about a gift for son or daughter's new baby? 

Do you want a sensory gift set that was: 

  • Selected as a 2022 "Editor's Choice" by the prestigious Made for Mums editorial board? 
  • Featured as one of the best baby sensory toys in 2022 for Hello! magazine? 
  • Chosen as one of the "Best New Products" by the British Baby Product Association? 

If you are looking for an amazing baby gift set that will amaze any new parent ... look no further than the Dingle Dangle. 

So... What the Heck Is a Dingle Dangle?

Funny you should ask. 

Two dads set out in 2019 on a whirlwind journey to develop an innovative baby gift set that solved some of parents biggest issues. They wanted to create a baby toy that was: 

 uniquely innovative; 

 interactive and sensory; 

 portable for use at home or on the road; 

useful for parents; and most importantly: 

✓ doesn't break the bank! 

What did these two regular dads come up with? The best baby gift set ever created (and no, we are not prone to hyperbole). 

If you don't believe us why the Dingle Dangle is the best baby gift set of 2022, check out this quick 40-second video to learn how the Dingle Dangle works: 


Now that you've got a quick preview of how the Dingle Dangle works, let's dive in deeper to answer: 

  1. What parenting problems does the Dingle Dangle baby gift set solve? 
  2. What exactly is the Dingle Dangle? and;
  3. Why is it the perfect baby gift set for 2022?

The Dingle Dangle: The Best Baby Toy Gift Set

Dingle Dangle Baby Toy

 The Dingle Dangle was dreamt up in 2019 by two normal dads. Both dads had struggled changing the nappies of their wriggly and squirmy babies - to the point they needed to find a solution.

They asked themselves the question: How do we make nappy changing time less stressful and more fun for both parent and baby?

Enter: The Dingle Dangle Baby Gift Set. 

To solve this problem, the dads invented a head-anchored portable mobile to help distract the baby during nappy changing time. They found that not only did the dangling mobile help distract babies, but it made nappy and clothes changing time:

😊 Fun

😊 Interactive

😊Less Stressful; and

😊More meaningful

Once they figured out they had a winning solution, they didn’t stop there. They wanted to make the product BETTER and MORE USEFUL to new parents.

How did they do that? They spent two years in design to give it THREE great functionalities! 

Unlike most baby toys that have one simple function, the innovative Dingle Dangle has three functions that help new parents meaningfully interact with their new bundles of joy.

The 3 Dingle Dangle functions are:

  1. Free-Hands Nappy Change Distractor;
  2. Portable Mobile; and
  3. Sensory Rattle.
Dingle Dangle Uses

The thing that makes the Dingle Dangle so incredibly unique is the interconnectivity. All 3 functions of the Dingle Dangle bay toy are anchored from the Dingle Dangle sensory stick.

The sensory stick is a specially designed sensory rod with three (3) different sensory fabrics for the baby to touch and interact with.

For babies who love crinkly toys, the middle section has a special crinkle material that babies just love to touch and hear.

At the end of the sensory stick are two identical connectors that help the Dingle Dangle transform from a sensory stick into the Free-Hands Nappy Changer, Portable Mobile, Sensory Rattle and Soft Teether.

The Dingle Dangle Baby Gift Set Uses

Let's quickly look at the three innovative uses of the Dingle Dangle Baby Gift Set: 

Dingle Dangle Baby Distraction Toy

Hands Free Distractor: Parents can make nappy changing more interactive with the adorable Octopus nappy changing helper. The sensory head-anchored mobile will give new parents those crucial 60-seconds you need to make nappy changing time easier, fun and more interactive. 

Portable Baby Mobile

Portable Mobile: Parents can help develop their baby’s focus with the lightweight and portable mobile that effortlessly connects to a cot, pram or feeding chair. With a soft chime and sensory-stimulating, high-contrast colors, the Dingle Dangle is perfect to help stimulate cognitive development.

Sensory Rattle

Sensory Rattle: With its fun, sensory design and delicate chime, the lovable Puffer Fish Rattle will help baby learn how to grasp - while discover the joys of sight and sound.


Why the Dingle Dangle Is a Must-Have Baby Toy Gift Set for 2022

Now that we know how it works, let’s take a look at the Top 10 reasons why the Dingle Dangle makes an incredible baby toy gift set for a new parent:

  1. When you give the Dingle Dangle - you are not just giving a baby gift. You are giving parents an extra set of hands to make their lives EASIER. It’s not another Amazon gift, it’s something that says “I SEE YOU” to a new parent.
  2. The Dingle Dangle was awarded one of the “Best New Products” by the prestigious British Baby Products Association (BPA). Only a few baby toys a year earn this incredible distinction.
  3. The toy was awarded “Highly Commendable” (runner-up) in the “Toys and Education” awards category by the BPA;
  4. The amazing STEM Geek (one of the most respected STEM Toy authorities), included the Dingle Dangle as a choice for one of it’s most unique STEM gifts for kids. 
  5. The Dingle Dangle is 1 toy that transforms into 3 unique uses making it one of the most unique and versatile baby gift sets on the market (read more below to learn about it’s four uses);
  6. The Dingle Dangle is the PERFECT gift for parents with wriggly babies. The free-hands nappy change helper is a complete game changer to distract baby during nappy change time;
  7. For parents who like to be outdoors or travel, the Dingle Dangle is the perfect baby gift set to take out on the road. It comes in small travel bag that can easily hang from your buggy or store easily in the carrier pouch beneath.
  8. The Dingle Dangle is designed with high-contrast sensory colours such as black-and-white, yellow, and bright pinks and blues. Research has found that high contrast pictures and colour contrasts encourage babies to focus, while stimulating cognitive development.
  9. The soft chime inside the Dingle Dangle’s adorable octopus helps alert babies to soft noise. The chime is a great tool to help develop the baby’s tracking. When the baby loses interest, the parent can shakes the octopus and the noise will stimulate baby to track the toy again.
  10. When you buy the Dingle Dangle you are helping a small, UK-based business get started. We don’t have the million-pound budget to advertise - but we have the greatest new baby gift set in the nursery market. It’s a chance not only to buy an awesome gift, but to help a new business get started!

Is the Dingle Dangle Baby Gift Set for a Boy or a Girl?

Due to it’s fresh, fun and cool color patterns, parents rave that the Dingle Dangle makes BOTH a great baby boy gift set and baby girl gift set.

The Dingle Dangle toy was specifically designed and developed for both baby boys and girls.

Inspired by the Art Deco style of Co-Founder Stewart Gold’s hometown of Miami Beach, Florida the Dingle Dangle uses bright, high-contrast, gender-neutral colors to stimulate the baby’s attention.

Dingle Dangle Baby Gift Set

The founders of the Dingle Dangle wanted to get away from the dull, dreary colors that are common in the “Scandi” toy movement.

Not only are bright colors more cheerful, bright colors catch babies’ eyes because they help to distinguish objects from one another in the field of vision.

Research shows, that babies spend more time looking at bright colors as opposed to looking at muted shades or pastels.

Baby toys can be fashionable and pleasing to look at - but most important they must be interesting for the baby!

What Are People Saying About the Dingle Dangle

baby with dingle dangle toy

Still don’t believe that the Dingle Dangle is the perfect new baby gift set? Let’s take a look at some of the Google reviews!

The Dingle Dangle has changed my life. Nappy changing was such a challenge and mess…now they are fun and easy! Literally thank you 😊 A must buy for anyone with a baby!

- Review by Georgia P.

The Dingle Dangle is a must have for anyone with young children. It has really been a game changer for helping raise ours. It’s the perfect toy in that it ticks so many boxes in an all in one package. I can give it my son to entertain himself, I can put it on to distract him and keep him calm, I can use it as a mobile to help him sleep…and it’s also fun to just mess around with something silly on my head with him and my wife! I always had issues with diaper changes and getting my kids to sleep, and don’t realize what I needed until this was given to us as a gift. 100% recommend this product.

- Review by Ira R.

The Dingle Dangle is pure genius. My baby can’t get enough of it. And it has brought those untimely turnovers mid diaper change to an end. Highly recommended.

- Review by Michael H.

My 5 month old loves his new Dingle Dangle. Nappy changes are so much easier now. Thank you Dingle Dangle. I'll be buying these as baby pressies for friends. Perfect gift.

- Review by Victoria H.

The Dingle Dangle Makes The Best Baby Shower Gift of 2022

If you are one of those people who likes to give thoughtful, unique baby shower gifts - the Dingle Dangle is the perfect baby gift set for a boy or a girl.

There’s a lot of pressure at baby showers to pick out a good gift. With all eyes watching the mother-to-be open her presents, you want your gift to be something special that let’s her know you really care.

Baby Shower Gift

Gifting the Dingle Dangle baby gift set to a new parent says that:

  • You’ve spent time and effort thinking of a gift;
  • You understand that babies should have toys that stimulate their cognitive development;
  • You want to give the parent something useful that will make their lives easier; and
  • You care enough to buy a gift that is thoughtful and not anyother baby blanket or plush toy that will rarely be used.   

No matter what baby shower gift you give, the most important thing is that you give from your heart. You will never go wrong if it comes from a place of love and sincerity.

Don’t Overthink Your Baby Gift Set Purchase

There are so many options for baby gifts to choose from, we know it can be SO overwhelming buying a gift for a new parent.

We hope we were able to convince you that the 3-in-1 Dingle Dangle is one of the best new baby gift sets of 2022.

If you forget everything else and want the cliff notes, just remember that the Dingle Dangle:

  • Makes parents lives easier;
  • Helps change wriggly baby;
  • Assists with babies’ cognitive development;
  • Award-winning toy;
  • Totally unique to the baby market;
  • Make the best baby shower gift;
  • Shows that you are thoughtful gift giver.

Thank you so much for reading! If you are interested in other parenting topics, please check out our article on How Often You Should Change a Nappy or the Best Premature Baby Gifts of 2022.