Design Ideas for Your Baby's Under the Sea Nursery

Design Ideas for Your Baby's Under the Sea Nursery

Planning a nursery theme is one of the most exciting parts of welcoming a new addition to your family. For beach-goers and water-lovers alike, you can’t beat an under the sea nursery

There are so many options to play with when choosing an ocean-themed nursery. It can range from relaxing beach vibes to the excitement of swimming with dolphins and whales to deep-sea diving among the jellyfish.

In this exciting time, it’s tempting to dive right in and start snatching up every adorable octopus and sea turtle you can get your hands on.

Before you get too deep into the depths, make sure you check out these fabulous oceanic ideas for some great under the sea inspiration.

Why We Love an Under the Sea Nursery

Still on the fence about choosing under the sea as your nursery theme?

With all the themes out there, it’s easy to see why. There’s the jungle and the safari and woodland critters all vying for attention. The wonders of space rival anything found here on earth. And what about mythical creatures, fairy tale princesses, and fierce dragons?

Let us tell you why the ocean has them all beat!

#1. An under the sea nursery brings so much life and color to your baby’s world. 

The varying shades of blue mix perfectly with yellows, greens, reds, and pinks to bring in different atmospheres of the sea. 

Incorporate whatever you choose from the light and sandy calm of a beach-themed nursery to the bright pinks and reds found in coral reefs to the deep peaceful blues of the ocean depths.

#2. An under the sea nursery allows your baby to easily explore their senses.

Aside from the sensory color palette, an ocean-themed nursery is a fantastic place to stimulate the five senses. The sounds of the ocean waves, soft blue lighting, and snuggly underwater friends give your little one a sensory-friendly environment to grow and thrive. 

#3. An ocean-themed nursery is simply a lot of fun!

Have you seen some of the adorable creatures that live under the sea? With this theme, you can invite dolphins, octopuses, whales, jellyfish, turtles, and even sharks into your nursery.

It’s impossible for a baby not to have a blast in such a vibrant, bubbly wonderland.

Under the Sea Nursery Toys

There are a number of toys you can purchase for your little one that would fit perfectly into their under the sea nursery. Plushies, educational toys, bouncers, walkers, and much, much more. However, a majority of these toys will only be seen and not played with until your baby is a bit older.

If you’re looking for the perfect toy to keep your baby’s attention from the day you bring them home, look no further than the Dingle Dangle.

This toy is a new parent’s best friend. It’s a diaper change helper, travel mobile, and rattle all in one, making it the perfect baby hack. This set includes everything you need to keep your new bundle of joy from hating diaper changes or time in their stroller. 

Just pop it on and be amazed as your baby stops squirming and wiggling to focus all its attention on the dangling octopus.

Not only does it hang from mom or dad, but it can also be hooked on a playpen, stroller, or stroller to keep your baby happy during playtime or sleep time.

And the rod transforms the Dingle Dangle into an adorable pufferfish rattle for sensory play and ultimate fun.

The Dingle Dangle is an incredible mummy and daddy to be gift for any nursery, but especially an ocean-themed nursery.

It’s hard to beat the sweet octopus that dangles above your baby with its whimsical tentacles and bright, sea-themed colors. And the little pufferfish rattle attachment with its round body and silly face fits right in with the other sea creatures found under the sea. 

These two belong in your ocean-themed nursery and in your heart.

The Dingle Dangle comes with everything you need to dazzle your little one any time of the day. Don’t be surprised if it becomes their favorite toy, even when they’re up and walking around!

Ocean-Themed Nursery Art

Art is an integral piece of any nursery. If you truly want to dive into your under the sea nursery theme, you can’t simply leave the walls blank.

While you might consider using wallpaper for an accent wall, artwork is the perfect detail to tie the room together.

Here are three fabulous pieces of ocean-themed nursery art that are perfect for you baby’s room.

1. Ocean Themed Nursery Art [Top Pick]

Not only is this piece of ocean-themed art absolutely adorable, but it’s also completely eco-friendly!

Created by Australian artists Kat Marcius, this piece reflects the textures and patterns of the sea in beautiful, bright colors. It also takes inspiration from the adorable critters featured on the Dingle Dangle toy, allowing your baby to see their favorite friends up on the wall.

If that alone doesn’t make you smile, you might be happy to know that this piece of artwork is printed on canvas made entirely of recycled plastic bottles and is stretched over a lightweight recycled frame.

You don’t have to worry about fitting this sustainable artwork on your wall, as it comes in 4 different sizes to fit any space.

2. Under the Sea Animal Nursery Prints

If minimalism is more your style, you’ll love the simplistic nature of these under the sea animal prints by custom animal prints on Etsy.

These cute creatures feature a whale, starfish, seahorse, octopus, narwhal, and sea turtle in a set of six individual prints that you can hang up gallery-style above your baby’s crib or on another wall.

They are in a more watercolor style with muted colors and a sweet little blush added to each animal.

If you’re low on space but still love the idea of these prints, no worries!

You have the option of choosing a set of two, four, or six prints for your nursery of whichever animals you like the best. They also come in three different sizes and come either framed or unframed, according to your preference.

3. Octopus String Art Nursery Decor

Maybe you like the DIY crafty feel more than traditional pieces of art.

Something a little more rustic and three-dimensional really stands out on a nursery wall, and this string art octopus is the perfect companion to any under the sea nursery.

Part of the Seller's mini nautical series, the intricate string octopus comes attached to a piece of wood that measures approximately 5.5" X 5.5" and comes equipped with a saw tooth hanger for easy wall hanging.

The surrounding board is painted and distressed with white chalk paint and the string color is a dark sky blue.

The best part? 

All string and paint colors are customizable; if you'd like colors different than the ones in this listing, you can message the seller for a custom design! 

Ocean Crib Bedding

The most important part of your new nursery is the crib, where your little one will dream the nights away.

You have to make it comfy and cozy while staying on theme, so it’s a good thing there are plenty of adorable sets of ocean crib bedding to choose from.

Here are three of our favorites!

1. Trend Lab Ocean Pals 3-Piece Crib Bedding Set

Sometimes, all you need are the basics. And this crib bedding set by Trend Lab delivers exactly that.

What you see is what you get with this set. It includes a crib sheet, a crib skirt, and a blanket that are all perfectly on theme. The light blues are paired with salmon accents to match the ocean vibes.

The sheet and crib skirt are relatively simple and not distracting while the blanket features some of your favorite ocean pals, just like it says in the title.

The inclusion of a lighthouse and sailboat as well as the polka dots on the crib skirt give this set a notably nautical feel. If that’s what you’re after, you won’t find better bedding for your ocean-themed nursery.

2. Lambs & Ivy Oceania 6-Piece Crib Bedding Set

If you’re looking to get a little more out of your bedding set than just the basics, you might find everything you’re looking for in this 6-piece crib bedding set by Lambs & Ivy.

This set delivers the punch for your under the sea theme with a blue and grey color palette that features plenty of ocean-dwelling creatures.

It’s especially perfect if you want to include a lot of fish in your nursery, as there are plenty of them on the sheets, crib skirt, and blanket.

With the Oceania set, you get two fitted crib sheets, a blanket, a crib skirt, a changing pad cover, and a diaper stacker.

Though this is the most pricey entry on this list, it definitely offers the quality to back up the price. Besides, those two sheets will absolutely come in handle in the event of any baby-related accidents.

3. Sammy & Lou Nautical Adventure 4-Piece Crib Bedding Set

Our final suggestion for your baby’s under the sea nursery is this 4-piece crib bedding set by Sammy & Lou

This whimsical bedding set lives up to its name of Nautical Adventure with its bright blue and teal color palette and the adorable animals that are printed all over it. Every sweet face has a smile ready to welcome your baby to bed for every nap and nighttime.

If you wanted something deep in the sea that is still super cute, this is the set for you. 

This set comes with a fitted sheet, a crib skirt, and a blanket to wrap your baby in the warmth of the ocean. The fourth piece in this bedding set is a cuddly octopus friend that will keep your little one company on all of their adventures, nautical or otherwise.


The ocean is a beautiful place full of amazing creatures, vibrant plant life, and the calming sound of the waves rolling on the beach. 

Whether you go for an all-out fun under the sea nursery with pops of bright color to draw your baby’s eyes or you stick to calm, pastel tones and watercolors, an ocean-themed nursery is the perfect way to welcome your little one into this big, wonderful world.