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Since it's launch in January, 2022 the Dingle Dangle has been recognized as a game-changing sensory product in the UK baby and nursery market.

The Dingle Dangle has won the prestigious 2022 Made for Mums "Editor's Choice" Award as well as earning a "Highly Commended" award by the British Baby Product Association. 

With its highly innovative design, sensory features and overall usefulness to parents, the Dingle Dangle has been a smash amongst parents and the media alike. 

What They Are Saying About the Dingle Dangle

Here's what they are saying about the Dingle Dangle in the Press: 

"Very rarely has a product entered the awards that’s elicited so many laughs from our team. But while the Dingle Dangle may seem like a novelty gift at first glance, we were actually surprised to find out how many ways this cute little dangling toy can be used."

 - MADE FOR MUMS, March 2022

"It’s an educational toy in that it provides a fun way to begin developing spatial awareness. (Especially when the octopus accidentally tickles their tummy as you bend down to dispose of the pooey diaper.) Those little hands also need some sensory stimulation, and this toy is excellent for that.

- STEM GEEK, December 2021

"A totally new and unique baby toy / parenting toolkit, like you’ve never seen before…"

- MONEY MAGPIE, March 2022 

"Although the eye-grabbing nappy changer steals the headlines, it’s Dingle Dangle’s interconnectivity that makes it a true parenting essential. Through two identical connectors on the Dingle Dangle sensory stick, it effortlessly transforms into a portable mobile and baby rattle – making it one of the most versatile nursery products on the market." 


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