Ocean Nursery Wall Art: 10 Cute Ideas for Your Baby’s Nursery

Ocean Nursery Wall Art: 10 Cute Ideas for Your Baby’s Nursery

Congratulations, you’ve landed on an ocean themed nursery!

At this point, you’ve probably got your crib, rocking chair, changing station and go-to baby toy, but now you’re left with four empty walls to fill up. Sometimes a blank canvas is the most difficult to work with.

When it comes to nurseries, wall art doesn’t just have to be strategically placed for the sake of design - but also for your baby’s safety. It’s a lot to think about, but don’t fret too much!

If you’re in need of ocean nursery wall art inspiration, I’ve put together a number of options to fit a variety of styles, as well as tips on where certain pieces might make the most sense.

Let's take a look at my Top 10 cute wall art ideas for your ocean-themed nursery! Sometimes all it takes is one small idea to spark your imagination.

10 Adorable Ocean Nursery Wall Art Pieces We Love

1. Dingle Dangle Ocean Themed Nursery Art Print

If your goal is for your baby’s nursery to look like an art gallery, then this ocean nursery wall art from amazing Australian painter Kat Marcius has it all.

Pops of vibrant color, abstract design, and artistic patterns make this much sophisticated than your typical nursery wall art.

Not only does the print come in three sizes, but it also comes framed!

You even get to choose between white, black, or natural wood to ensure it matches your nursery’s aesthetic perfectly. With this hanging in baby’s room, you’ll have an art critic on your hands in no time!

What’s great about this print is that it comes in a size for every budget and every space. Framed prints range from 6”x8” for $32.25 to A1 for $107.51 and you have your choice of frame style: black, white, or natural. 

This framed print can be purchased from Dingle Dangle.

2. Watercolor Sea Turtle Print

It may be the pregnancy talking, but when I saw this print set I almost shed a tear. It can be hard to articulate just how much you love your baby, even when they haven’t arrived earthside yet. 

Somehow, this saying comes very close to explaining how unending your love for your little babe is.

If you’re planning any kind of underwater or nautical theme for baby’s room, watercolors are such a sweet addition to your ocean nursery wall art. What I love most about this print set is that it is inclusive of different family dynamics.

The saying can be printed to say “how much I love you” or “how much we love you,” and can include any combination of sea turtles from one big turtle and one baby turtle to two big turtles and three baby turtles.

You also have your choice of sizes from 8”x8” for $19 to 16”x20” for $56. These do not come framed. You’ll have to buy those separately, which will allow you to match the frame color and finish to the rest of your nursery decor. 

This print can be purchased from MoonRockPrints on Etsy.

3. Baby Sea Animals Prints 

Sharks and dolphins and seagulls, oh my! There’s nothing sweeter than a baby animal, and that goes for sea creatures as well.

These prints are the perfect ocean nursery wall art for a modern, minimalist space due to their soft and calming colors. They’re also great because they can be arranged however you’d like or in whatever way will fit your space best.

Prints from this shop are a fun way to introduce different animals to your baby. I personally purchased the baby tiger, raccoon, koala, and fox for my son’s jungle-themed nursery and hung them above his changing station.

They work as a great distraction to keep him occupied during changes, even as a toddler.

All it takes is a, where’s the koala? to elicit giggles and pointing. Plus, the BEST thing about this shop is the option to have your images printed and mailed to you or to receive a downloadable file to print them yourself.

Either way, these are incredibly affordable and worth every penny.

This set of 6 retails for $35.40 for the printable art package and ranges from $137.70 for 5x7” prints to $399 for A2 prints. 

They can be purchased from The Crown Prints.

4. Dingle Dangle Nursery Chibi Art

This ocean themed nursery chibi art is sure stand out in your baby's new nursery.  

For those unfamiliar, chibi is a drawing style in which characters are intentionally made to look cute by giving them small bodies with large heads and expressive features. This style started in Japan and has gained popularity within anime culture.

True to form, this chibi print is adorable! It would be perfect for parents who are fans of anime or similar art styles and planning an under the sea nursery theme.

With the perfect combination of bright and muted colors, this design is sure to catch baby’s eye.

This ocean wall decor could serve as a jumping-off point to design the nursery around, but could also fit in nicely with existing decor to provide a finishing touch to the room. This piece comes in multiple sizes and frame options. Sizes range from 12”x12” for $43 to 28”x28” for $96.76. 

Buy it here!

5. Watercolor Whale Decals

These are by far the most eclectic ocean nursery wall art on this list. I’m not sure that this actually counts as “under the sea” nursery decor, given that the whales and other sea creatures are swimming amongst the clouds and hot air balloons, but that’s what makes it so unique.

With this ethereal scene, you can pretty much guarantee that no one else on the block (or maybe even the whole town) is going to have the same take on the nursery ocean theme as you. Talk about setting the stage for an imaginative kid!

While I was initially intimidated by the idea of hanging wall decals in my son’s room, decals from a shop like this are high quality, so easy to hang, and even easier to pull down if you need to rearrange them.

They are also great for hanging above baby’s crib where you wouldn’t want to hang anything that’s heavy or has sharp edges that has the potential to fall.

There are a few different design and size options to choose from, ranging in price from $50.07 to $81.02. 

The decals can be purchased from AlicesdreamsStore on Etsy.

6. Cute Sea Animals Wallpaper Mural

You didn’t think this list would stop at just one wallpaper option, did you? I couldn’t help myself with this one. I love a good watercolor design and the smiling whales just kind of make you feel like smiling yourself!

With wall-to-ceiling ocean nursery wall art, your child can feel immersed in this vibrant underwater design. Babies begin to see colors around 5-8 months of age, so starting from a young age, this mural will capture their attention as they look from one sea creature to another.

Once your child is older, their imagination can run wild with their underwater friends. Plus, they’ll have a blast learning the names of all the animals that cover their wall.

This particular wallpaper comes in four different texture and application options, ranging from $35 to $50 per square meter. 

It can be purchased from Wallmur.

7. Ocean Wave Wall Decals

If underwater creatures aren’t what you had in mind for your ocean nursery wall art, these wave decals will still give you the feel of a nursery ocean theme, but in a much more subtle way. 

Whether you choose to apply them to an accent wall or the whole room, they are easy to apply and will last until it’s time for a new theme.

These decals come in dozens of colors, so no matter what color you plan on painting the nursery, you can choose a wave color to complement it.

The waves themselves also come in three different sizes, so you can apply them in whatever way you find aesthetically pleasing.

This design is sold as a set of 24 waves for $26, making them extremely affordable if you choose to apply them to more than one wall. 

The decals can be purchased from wordybirdstudios on Etsy.

8. Coral Eco-Friendly Wallpaper

While we’re exploring ocean nursery wall art, let’s consider an option that incorporates the whole wall. Believe it or not, wallpaper is back and better than ever.

And how precious is this coral print for an under the sea nursery theme? The coral itself creates a beautiful pattern, plus you have your choice of pink or blue hues to match the rest of your decor.

This option is perfect if you’re designing a more contemporary or Scandinavian look for the nursery.

Whether you choose to add this to one accent wall or cover the room in coral, you can rest easy knowing this is nothing like your mother’s (or grandmother’s) wallpaper.

Not only is it made from eco-friendly inks and is formaldehyde, phthalate, and PVC-free, but it is designed to be cleanable with just soap and water! That is GREAT news for a nursery, trust me.

Plus, it’s peel and stick, making it a simple DIY project. It’s also easy to remove, so if you change your mind or it’s time to change your decor, you don’t have to worry about scraping wallpaper for hours.

This shop provides a handy calculator to determine how much wallpaper you need for your space so you don’t over- or under-order. If you’re on the fence, you can order a 2’x1’ swatch for $9. Otherwise, the sizes available range from 2’x3’ for $29 to 2’x12’ for $119. 

This wallpaper can be purchased in teal or pink from Spoonflower.

9. “The World Is Your Oyster” Framed Print

Without overtly screaming *under the sea decor* this framed print will send a word of encouragement to your babe from the moment they're born. They have their whole life ahead of them and this print is a subtle reminder that they are capable of great things.

The muted print colors can fit into just about any color scheme and you can choose a black, white, or natural frame to bring the design all together. Even when your child outgrows their underwater nursery, this print has staying power that can stick with them as they grow.

This print comes in so many size options, from 6”x8” for $32.20 to 28”x28” for $106.39, and can be purchased from pretty in print.

10. Custom Name Under the Sea Print

If you’re hoping to incorporate your child’s name into your under the sea nursery decor, look no further than this custom print. All prints from this shop are custom-made for each order, which means you’re getting unique artwork and supporting a local artist at the same time. Win-win!

This print can be ordered in either a rainbow or muted color scheme, so whether you want the art to really stand out or be more understated, you can choose whichever will work best in your space.

You can order your print in sizes ranging from 8”x10” for $18.08 to A3 for $27.12 from thetinytoucan on Etsy.

Ocean Theme Nursery Wall Art: Pick One (or Three!) 

Who knew there were so many ocean nursery wall art options out there? From brightly colored sea creatures to understated underwater design elements, your baby’s ocean-themed nursery can truly be whatever you want it to be.

But if you take nothing else from this article, make it this: Expecting mothers have enough to worry about and nursery decor doesn’t need to be one of them. Try to have some fun designing your baby’s space because you’ll likely spend a good amount of time in there, too! 

Remember, no matter what the nursery ends up looking like, your baby will love you all the same.




Rachel Connors is a soon-to-be mom of two boys under two. When she’s not chasing around a child, dog, or cat, she can be found baking, reading, or catching up on her favorite Bravo reality series.