The Organic Burp Cloth: 5 Mom-Approved Choices

The Organic Burp Cloth: 5 Mom-Approved Choices

Whether you’re new to motherhood or a seasoned momma veteran, you probably know by now that a burp cloth is an essential.

From cleaning up your little one’s drool, protecting your clothing, and keeping up with proper hygiene – burp cloths provide a slew of important functions for being a piece of fabric.

When I started motherhood, I opted for any burp cloth I could find. This consisted of wash cloths, towels, and what was labeled burp cloths at big box stores (you know the ones). 

I noticed early on that the products I used as a burp cloth didn’t hold up well, and I also started to question the safety and sanitariness of using these products. 

A dear friend and experienced mom suggested an organic burp cloth, and after I did some research- I’ll never go back to any burp cloth other than an organic one. 

Why An Organic Burp Cloth?

It was hard for me to justify spending more money on a burp cloth just because it was labeled organic. Why spend extra cash on something to clean up spit? What I found was startling.

Most burp cloths on the market today are made from what is known as the “world’s dirtiest crop"


I researched more into just how harmful and unclean cotton is, and it was an easy decision for me to never return to using it again with my children.

Fortunately, there’s a safer alternative to conventional burp cloths made from cotton. Organic burp cloths are made from organic cotton that is free from harmful substances (like synthetic pesticides, synthetic defoliants, and GMOs).

Choosing an organic burp cloth also helps protect you and your baby’s skin and has a substantial impact on protecting the environment. 

Free From Harmful Ingredients

Conventional cotton production uses billions of dollars on pesticides each year and leads in the top insecticide use when compared to other crops globally. This is why it has gained the designation of world’s ‘dirtiest’ crop.

 Toxic substances like formaldehyde, softeners, ammonia, and metal-based dyes are all used in the traditional cotton processing. These products carry with them an array of negative, serious side effects.

Unlike conventional cotton, organic cotton is free from harmful ingredients. In order for a product to be labeled organic, the United States Department of Agriculture prohibits the use of toxic chemicals when it comes to manufacturing.   

Environmentally Friendly 

The methods used in producing conventional cotton are environmentally unsustainable. The abundance of pesticides and heavy use of chemicals during production of conventional cotton unquestionably causes major harm to our environment.

In a recent study, organic cotton farmers reported that their methods for producing cotton have “multiple environmental benefits” which the research backed up. Organic cotton production requires less water and emits a lot less carbon dioxide when compared to conventional cotton manufacturing. 

When it comes to protecting the environment, deciding to buy organic makes a world of difference. While organic is commonly more expensive, by spending the few extra dollars you are ensuring a healthier planet for your children and generations to come.

Better for Delicate Skin

It comes as no surprise that conventional cotton is more likely to lead to skin issues such as redness, irritation, and itchy skin. The chemicals used in the production of conventional cotton are not kind to our skin, particularly a baby’s skin which is more prone to chemical irritation.

Organic cotton used to make baby burp cloths is free from toxic chemicals. When deciding which burp cloth to use, it’s important to go organic to avoid chemical exposure to your baby’s vulnerable skin.

What Fabric Is Best for Organic Baby Burp Cloths? 

There are a variety of fabrics that can be used for burp cloths like conventional cotton, fleece, jersey, and terrycloth. These materials are usually soft and mostly absorbent, and therefore they are popular among burp cloths.

However, when it comes to what fabric is best for baby burp cloths, we believe it to be organic muslin cotton.

Organic muslin cotton is free from chemicals, lightweight, and finely woven with care. It stands out as the best fabric for burp cloths due to it being chemical-free and its extraordinary softness, breathability, and sturdiness. 

Our Top 5 Choices for Baby Organic Burp Cloth   

After conducting my research, I knew that I wanted to use organic burp cloths for my child. What came next was pinning down which company I believed provided the safest and best burp cloth.

My team and I spent days researching online and talking with other moms when it came to which brands that we felt we could trust the most to provide the best, safest burp cloth.

The time spent doing so was not in vain. We discovered multiple high-quality, reputable brands which specialize in organic burp cloths.

I’m sharing our top 5 choices for organic burp cloth options. We hope this list helps you in your journey to get the very best products for your precious baby boy or baby girl!

Top Choice: Fawn & Foster Organic Premium Burp Cloths

Coming in at the top of our list is Fawn & Foster’s Organic Premium Burp Cloths. These high-quality burp cloths are made from the finest organic muslin gauze cotton.

This company has made it their mission to provide the safest, most comfortable products for mom and baby.

Not only does this company provide the safest burp cloths for our children, but the design options are stunning. Fawn & Foster offers up intricate, beautifully crafted watercolor prints on their organic burp cloths.

Fawn & Foster not only focuses on the well-being of your children, but they also care deeply about providing a better life for foster children. They make a promise to donate a hefty 50% of their proceeds from their organic burp cloths to foster children’s organizations!

Burt’s Bees Baby Organic Baby Burp Cloths 

Second on our list is Burt’s Bees Baby Organic Burp Cloths. Burt’s Bees has been a trusted name in the industry for quite some time. You can rest easy knowing that you’re purchasing from a reliable and consistent brand.

Burt’s Bees Baby offers a wide variety of patterns to choose from, and they are all made from 100% organic cotton. With hundreds of 5-star reviews, they have proven themselves to be a worthy candidate when choosing an organic burp cloth for your baby.

Green Sprouts Baby Muslin Burp Cloths 

Next up we have Green Sprouts Baby Muslin Burp Cloths which are made entirely from organic cotton. They include a thorough description on their baby burp cloths on their website, so you aren’t left in the dark about their products.

Green Sprouts promises that their burp cloths get even softer with each wash. They also make sure you don’t have to worry about any drool seeping through with the protection of 4 absorbent layers on each cloth!

Honest Baby Clothing Organic Cotton Burp Cloths

Mother, actress, and founder of Honest Baby Clothing, Jessica Alba, makes it into the running of producing top organic burp cloths. Honest Baby Clothing’s Organic Cotton Burp Cloths are designed with 3 breathable layers to keep you and your baby comfortable.

Honest Baby Clothing’s burp cloths go the extra step by providing loops on each cloth, so you can hang them up to dry in a way that’s easy and convenient. The design of these burp cloths also ensures the smoothness stays intact after each wash!

Milkbarn Kids Organic Cotton Muslin Burp Cloth Sets

Milkbarn Kids designs their products to last for generations, and there is no exception when it comes to their Organic Cotton Burp Cloth Sets.

This company’s burp cloths provide a lot of room when it comes to their comfortable products, with most of their burp cloths coming in at 23 inches x 23 inches.

The fun, playful, and classic images on their burp cloths make them more decorative than most burp cloths on the market. (I wouldn’t mind using one of their burp cloths as a blanket!)

The Rundown of Our Top 5 Choices for Baby Burp Cloth 

  1. Fawn & Foster Organic Premium Burp Cloth: 100% organically manufactured, supports foster children, most recommended by mothers, trusted brand
  1. Burt’s Bees Organic Baby Burp Cloths: Organic cotton, wide variety, reputable brand
  1. Green Sprouts Baby Muslin Burp Cloths: Muslin cotton (organic), super absorbent, established brand
  1. Honest Baby Clothing Organic Burp Cloths: Completely organic, variety of style options, easy to clean 
  1. Milkbarn Kids Organic Cotton Muslin Burp Cloth Sets: Organic cotton, large burp cloth (23 in. x 23 in.), unique style 

Organic Burp Cloths: Our Conclusion 

Deciding on what burp cloth to use as a parent isn’t as simple as you’d think. You want to use what’s best, most practical, and safest for your growing child. We know that isn’t always easy to find. 

We trust Fawn & Foster’s Organic Burp Cloths for our babies as they have proven themselves to be harmless, comfortable, and ethically designed. Compared to other brands, we’ve found theirs to be the highest quality and most reasonably priced.

However, there are a slew of great brands to choose from when deciding on which burp cloth to go with.

Ultimately, we’re confident that you’ll find what works best for your little one. We do strongly recommend you stick with organic cotton burp cloths in order to provide what’s safest for you, your baby, and the environment! 

Happy burp cloth hunting!