What Is A Dummy Comforter [With 7 Soothing Choices for Your Baby]

What Is A Dummy Comforter [With 7 Soothing Choices for Your Baby]

Hey new parents! 

Can we all agree that one of the most gut-wrenching, heart-breaking, hard-to-listen to sounds in the entire world is the sound of our baby crying?

I remember the feeling of both heartache and helplessness those days where my baby would be crying hysterically and I could do nothing to calm her down. Even a few years later I have trouble thinking about those days and how badly I wanted to find a way to sooth my baby.

The good news? I eventually did find a sweet little trick that combines the soothing of a dummy with the comfort of a blanky … it’s called the dummy comforter

What Is A Dummy Comforter or “Dumforter”?

Simply put, a dummy comforter (commonly referred to as a "dumforter") is a dummy (also known as a pacifier or sucker) that is connected to a soft, textured blanket or stuffed animal.  

Dummies and blankets often have a special meaning for babies as they develop a need for a “safe” object when they feel scared or alone. Your baby can develop a strong attachment to their chosen dumforter to help them ease their stress or separation anxiety.

Dumforters have become increasingly popular over the years as many new parents have found them to be an effective tool to help comfort their babies.

In fact, you may own a dummy comforter, but never knew its proper name!  

When to Introduce A Dummy Comforter? 

A great time to introduce the dummy comforter to your baby is around 6 months of age. Why? 

1. This is when most babies begin to teeth; and 

2. The risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) drops - meaning it is safer to put in a crib, and; 

3. Your baby is going through important developmental and cognitive milestones. 

The 6 month point is when babies begin to gain the awareness that they are separate human beings from their parents. This is when you can begin to see separation anxiety when you are out of eyesight/earshot of your baby. 

When you introduce a dumforter, it gives your baby something to bond with that provides comfort in your absence. 

How To Use A Dummy Comforter?

Using a dummy comforter is straightforward. Our advice is to give the dumforter to your baby when they are calm to allow them to become familiar with the feel, sensation, and look of the product.

Once they have familiarized themselves with the dumforter, they may begin to seek it out as an object of safety and security. When they get fussy or tired or scared, you can then hand them the dumforter to sooth your baby.

Many new parents give their baby a dummy comforter when out in public as an object that signifies safety.

They can be used in a stroller, sitting in a cart at the grocery store, or when trying to put the baby to sleep.   

The dumforter is small and packs well, so it’s common to toss them in diaper bags. It’s also ultra-convenient to have one permanently placed at a changing table.

Does a Dummy Comforter Work?

Comfort items like dummies and loveys are an excellent way to give your baby a little extra comfort. It has been proven that children love comfort items, and they actually fulfill some important developmental needs.

Dummy comforters are a top choice for parents who give their baby a pacifier, and many parents will tell you their baby has a specific one that they prefer over all the others. They work well, and babies love having a little something extra to give them more security.

You can choose from high-contrast comforters to help your baby develop their sense of color, or find one that matches their nursery colors. If your baby has a favorite animal already, you can even find one with that animal on it.

Babies love tactile things to grab onto and to feel, so having something attached to their pacifier that they can always feel will help them create an attachment to it that helps them feel safer.

An item like this that your baby can have with them will decrease their stress levels and give them something that helps them feel safer when they’re not close to you.

Sue Atkins goes into detail about this here, and it’s worth a read. Your baby needs to have a way to regulate themselves when you’re not around, and a lovey can help them learn they will be okay when they’re away from mom and dad.

7 Amazing Dummy Comforters We Recommend

You want the absolute best for your baby (or as an amazing baby shower gift!) so we have searched for our favorite dummy comforters for you to check out. From animals to DIY options, you’re sure to find one in this list that your baby just HAS to have.

Do you have one that you (or your baby) love that didn’t make the list? Share with us in the comments! 

Maisies Snuggle Soother

Maisies Snuggle Soother is a babies best friend. With a strong velcro strap and ring adaptor that attaches to all major brands of it gives parents the ability to sanitize the pacifier whenever necessary.

baby comforter

The Snuggle Soother’s cute and cuddly designs are designed for little hands and the soft rattle inside stimulates self-play for babies. The dummy comforter will sit on baby’s chest and makes it easier for them to move the dummy from a young age.

When your baby outgrows the pacifier, the Snuggle Soother soft animal becomes a familiar toy to help the transition with less stress and separation anxiety. 


  • Attach any brand of pacifier
  • Soft rattle inside
  • Designed for tiny hands to hold
  • Clips onto clothing
  • Machine washable
  • Adapter included for button style pacifiers

Dumforter - In The Wild Collection

The Dumforter "In the Wild" and "In the Woods" collections are some of our favorite dumforters on the market.  

These adorable options are full of personality and are perfect for any baby, wild or tame. Zsa Zsa Zebra is the perfect high-contrast option, Gerry Giraffe is the absolute cutest companion, and Terry Tiger will provide hours of comfort for your little one.

best dummy comforters

The Dumforter “In The Woods” collection will make your little one squeal with delight when they see it. This collection has some of the cutest options, like the tame and tender Rosie Rabbit, the shy Harper Hedgehog and the charming Fifi Fox -  all of which will provide comfort for your sweet baby in a safe and cute way.

They often run a deal where you can get the entire collection of 5 dumforters for the price of four comforters. This means you don’t have to make the tough decision on which of these cuties to pick for your little one.


  • High quality, silicone design
  • BPA free
  • Adorable themes/designs
  • Ultra-soft, washable blanket
  • Raised edges for teething stage
  • 3-in-1 design-less to pack on the go!
  • Easy to wash

    Elephant Dummy Comforter from JoJo Maman Bebe

    Your baby will adore this cute elephant comforter from JoJo Maman Bebe because of how soft and cozy it is. It’s the perfect size for your little one to find in their cot when they wake at night, meaning you’ll be able to catch a little more rest while your baby learns to calm themself by finding their pacifier.

    This elephant comforter and soother saver is extra soft and suitable for babies from the time they are born. And super-plus: it’s machine washable! Making your job even easier so you can have more snuggle time with your little one.


    • Shape of companion helps babies find the dummy easier
    • Gets softer with every wash
    • Cute, cuddly creatures
    • Easy to grab, wash, and pack on the go
    • Reasonably priced
    • Perfect size for front or side sleepers

      Sleepy Tot

      The Sleepy Tot brand boasts award winning dummy blankets that are known for their strong velcro grip. I had to try it for myself and it definitely measures up!

      It not only soothes babies, but it clips on to the sides of cribs, car seats, and strollers, so it never hits the ground. Their buddies and blankets can even hold multiple binkies. My son personally loved the bunny baby comforter (and the double binky action).


      • Can be used as a stuffed animal keepsake after the dummy stage;
      • Ultra-soft;
      • Extra strong grip;
      • Doubles as a plush pillow;
      • Machine washable
      • Comes in tons of design and color options

        Wubbanub Panda Dummy

        The WubbaNub Panda comforter is a cute and simple dumforter that works great for babies. The straightforward design helps prevent the pacifier from being lost, dropped or forgotten. 

        The plush panda is especially great because it makes it easy for your baby to grasp and manipulate the dummy.


        • The carefully calculated weight and size of the plush animal keeps the dummy near baby's mouth, whether in the car seat, baby sling, carrier or pushchair.
        • Made with a medical grade, latex free pacifier BPA, PVC and Phthalate free.

          A DIY Dummy Comforter Option for Crafty Parents

          If you’re crafty or you really want something for your baby that you’ve poured your heart and soul into, Scheepjes offers a perfect DIY tutorial on how to make your own.

          Sure, its some extra work, but it will give your dummy comforter a little extra meaning that it came from your own hands. 

          The moon pattern is fairly easy to begin with, so even beginner crafters will be able to finish this perfectly peaceful soother to give to your sweet little baby.

          Head to the craft shop (or the yarn stash in your bin) to get started on this pattern right away!

          Baby Mori Bear Comforter

          This adorable bear comforter by Mori will be your baby’s best buddy while she/he grows up. The soft fabric will give them something comfortable to hold, and the knots will give them something to grab and explore. 

          This dummy comforter is the perfect size for your little one to be able to find in his or her cot. It is made from an organic cotton and bamboo fabric blend, meaning it will stand up to anything your baby can put it through. It’s also the perfect softness to cuddle all night.


            A dummy comforter is one of the best ways to give your little one a small piece of comfort as they transition from infant into their first year. 

            Inexpensive and indispensable, it's not a bad idea to get your baby 2 or 3 and see which one they take to the best.

            We hope you’ve found a new dumforter for your little one! We would love it if you share the one you’ve chosen with us in the comments.


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