Why Choose Organic Teething Oil For Your Baby?

Why Choose Organic Teething Oil For Your Baby?

The dreaded time has come for you, as a parent. Your 6-month-old starts acting fussy and uncomfortable, drooling more often, and you’re noticing that they are having an awful time trying to sleep.

It all makes sense once you discover the little white, rocky fragments starting to protrude from their gums. Your baby is officially teething!

If you’re reading this, you undoubtedly are a parent who cares for providing the best life possible for your little one. You would do whatever it takes to keep your baby comfortable and happy, but you cannot escape the pain and discomfort that comes with teething. So, what do you do?

There are a variety of remedies to help ease the pain teething inflicts on your baby, but we’re going to discuss why you should use organic teething oil.

Why Organic Teething Oil?

As adults, we may turn to medicine when it comes to curing any pain we experience, but that is usually not the safest route when it comes to our vulnerable, delicate infants.

It seems best to stick with products that don’t contain potentially harmful ingredients like GMOs, toxins, and preservatives.

So, why organic teething oil?

Organic Essential Oils vs. Inorganic Essential Oils 

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has a list of important requirements for a product to be labeled organic.

Essential oils that are labeled as organic means that the plants used to create the oil were grown on soil that doesn’t contain any pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Organic farming and growing is also considered to be more environmentally-friendly!

Organic materials are certified to be free from any potential additives like colors and preservatives. You can rest assured that if your teething oil is labeled as organic, it is free from potentially toxic materials.

If you choose to go with inorganic teething oil, you meet the risk of harmful material dwelling in your baby’s teething oil. Additionally, a 2014 study showed that organic oil compared to non-organic oil was deemed better as far as its efficacy.

Organic Essential Oils are Safe 

Research has shown that essential oils are safe and effective in treating pain for infants, with no risks but benefits of being cost-effective and lack of interference with other medical treatment. 

Essential oils, like organic teething oil, are a safe bet when it comes to helping your teething baby. However, you want to make sure you introduce any new material to your (or your child’s) body properly.

Organic teething oil is no exception. Professionals recommend you never ingest essential oils.

There are other guidelines and recommendations to follow when it comes to introducing essential oils to your baby. The good news is that the organic teething oils we recommend in this list all provide instructions on how to safely use them. 

Organic Essential Oils are Entirely Natural 

If completely organic, essential oils are fully natural as they come from the “essence” of products like leaves, flowers, and roots.

Imagine the aroma of a freshly peeled lemon or the scent that lingers in the air after you press your fingers on a mint leaf. That strong, lovely fragrance these plants produce are essential oils.

While essential oils are 100% natural, you want to ensure you are purchasing from a reputable supplier. There are some companies who add in other (potentially harmful) ingredients that don’t come from natural sources. Therefore, choosing an organic teething oil is key!

Testing on the Rise for Essential Oils

Therapeutic use of essential oils is on the rise as more people are opting for naturally sourced remedies.

Essential oils alleviate the fear that comes with the potential side effects or complications from the synthetic chemistry used in traditional medication.

Scientific journals acknowledge that there has been a rapid increase in testing the efficacy of essential oils as a means of medical treatment.

It’s safe to assume that your baby’s organic teething oil has been among the thousands of essential oils tested. It’s also reassuring to know that testing of essential oils is continuous and not slowing down anytime soon.

Our Top 5 Choices for Organic Teething Oil 

Once we deemed organic teething oil as a safe and effective treatment, we researched a variety of companies to see which ones we believed to be the best for our teething babies and yours.

Narrowing down our top 5 choices for organic teething oil required quite a bit of research, but it was well worth it. We found these top performers that we believe outshone the rest that are on the market right now.

Whether you are searching for your little one or wanting to find a useful mummy to be gift, lets dive into our top picks:

Top Choice: Sweetbottoms Naturals Organic Teething Oil [$16.00]

Our top choice for organic teething oil was an easy pick. Sweetbottoms Naturals Organic Teething Oil is a step ahead of the game when it comes to creating a safe, effective, and well-rounded teething oil. Let their dozens of 5-star reviews speak for themselves!

Johns Hopkins Medicine describes 5 markers for quality essential oils:

  • Label: Includes Latin name of plant
  • Evaluate Company: Well-known and reputable
  • Dark-colored, glass containers: Essential oils are highly concentrated and can dissolve plastic containers which would taint the oil
  • Fragrance-Free: Look for essential oils with no fillers
  • Compare prices: If too cheap, be cautious that the oil may not be pure

Sweetbottoms Naturals Teething Oil has all the markers recommended by medical professionals.

What places Sweetbottoms Naturals at the top is that they make sure every single ingredient in their teething oil is thoroughly researched.

They do this not only because of their credible promise to their customers, but that they use the teething oil for their own babies as well.

Owner of Sweetbottoms Naturals, Beth Richardson, found it impossible to find 100% natural products that were researched and nontoxic once she became a mother. With her degree in agriculture and horticulture, she made it her mission to change this, and she certainly did.

R.B. Amber & Sons Organic Teething Oil [$16.00]

R.B. Amber & Sons Organic Teething Oil comes in at second on our list of top organic teething oils. This company’s organic teething oil is created with the assistance of a famous medical herbalist!

R.B. Amber & Son’s teething oil has all five of the criteria recommended by Johns Hopkins when it comes to their product. They also list the simple one-step guide on how to use their teething oil on your baby. 

One of the reasons R.B. Amber & Sons Organic Teething Oil didn’t quite get the number one spot is simply the lack of the reviews.

Currently, they don’t have any reviews listed on their website. That certainly doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be ranked number 2, though!

Wellements Organic Baby Tooth Oil [$9.99]

Wellements is a company that truly values family and ensuring the health of babies. Their Wellements Organic Baby Tooth Oil comes in at number 3 on our list.

Similar to Sweetbottoms Naturals, Wellements provides their teething oil in a glass, dark jar, is reasonably priced, and has proven itself to be a reputable company. They also include a video tutorial on how to use their product, which is beneficial for first time use!

Wellements Organic Baby Tooth Oil has overwhelmingly positive reviews. This company didn’t quite make our top 2 spots simply because their ingredient list isn’t exactly clear on their website. Otherwise, they are a worthy candidate for organic teething oil!

Rowe Casa Organics Baby Teething Oil [$13.00]

Landing in the number four spot is Rowe Casa Organics Baby Teething Oil. Rowe Casa Organics is a trusted name in the game when it comes to essential oils for practically – everything.

Rowe Casa Organics Teething Oil is nearing 100 reviews on their website, and the majority of them are positive! They also ensure their teething oil is in a darkly colored, glass bottle to maintain its purity.

Rowe Casa Organics is certainly a reputable brand, but we did put them closer to the bottom of our short list simply because they don’t provide us with enough information compared to the others.

While they do list that the ingredients for their oil are “100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils,” they don’t inform us of any Latin names of the plants used.

Rebecca’s Herbal Apothecary & Supply Teething Oil [$12.00]

Just because you’re last, doesn’t mean you’re least. Rebecca’s Teething Oil made it on our list as one of the best teething oils with organic ingredients. This quaint and pleasant store has been around for almost two decades.

Rebecca’s Herbal Apothecary & Supply is located in Boulder, Colorado (shipping available). They immerse themselves in the world of botanical medicine.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I trust local “mom and pop shops” more so than other retailers. They live what they sell, so to speak. 

With that, they do offer their ingredients (all organic) for their glass-bottled teething oil on their website. While there isn’t much information provided on their website - they are a business you can reach out to, and they’d be happy to discuss some options for your teething baby. 

Rundown of Choices for Organic Teething Oil

  1. Sweetbottoms Natural Organic Teething: Meets all 5 criteria for essential oils by medical professionals, highly rated, reputable brand, informed founder, and personal experience
  1. B. Amber & Sons Organic Teething Oil: Meets the criteria from medical professionals, world-renowned medical herbalist guidance, trustworthy brand
  1. Wellements Teething Oil: Meets some of the Johns Hopkins criteria for essential oils, most reviews, reliable brand
  1. Rowe Casa Organics Teething Oil: Met a couple criteria from medical professionals, positive reviews, established company
  1. Rebecca’s Herbal Apothecary & Supply Teething Oil: Brick and mortar business, creating and researching essential oils for almost 2 decades, good communication

We know the heartache and frustration you feel when it comes time for your baby to teethe. While it’s a necessary part of life for your growing child, it doesn’t have to be as painful or bothersome for them.

Why You Should Use Organic Teething Oil: Conclusion

Organic teething oil seems to be the safest option available when it comes to managing the stress and pain your baby experiences when it comes to teething.

We recommend Sweetbottoms Naturals Organic Teething Oil to help you through this trying, formative time in your sweet child’s life. Personal experience is the best one, and we know firsthand this product has worked for our children.

However, we also understand that you should choose products based on your beliefs and preferences, and that’s why we researched our top picks. We hope this article has helped you decide to choose organic teething oil and which brands may be the right fit for your teething baby!


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